Ngan Huynh 

It all started when...

I flied to the Netherland for my study and it was my first flight ever. After 4 years, living in Europe I had great opportunities to discover myself and the cultures as well as people at the places I have been. I love Photography, Travel and Hiking … Hmmm, let’s skip this boring way of introduction. :v

Alright, Who Am I?

– Ngan or Anna (haha since a lot of friends have difficult time to pronounce my name and actually there is a story behind this since I didn’t pick the name myself)

What do I do? 

  • Live to travel, hahaha just kidding, I’m studying in Europe, yeah Europe, I would say even the Netherlands is my base here. I luckily got a chance to study in Germany for 6 months, an internship in Barcelona for 6 months ( I know right, it was amazing, yoohoo), then 5 months in England, now I’m back here- Holland, and haven’t planned to go again for awhile.

Why am I here talking to you? 

  • Well, I would say I’m kinda weird though, haha I love sharing my opinions, experiences and documenting my life. I used to have several online diaries as blogs since I was 15 years old. If you know about Yahoo 360, yahoo plus, etc. then I bet you would know how fun it was those time.

What else about me?

  • Hm, I love honesty and optimistic, sometimes self-awareness which means sometimes I talk a lot about myself. If you notice that’s happening, don’t forget to remind me tho hehe.
  • Last but not least, I hope you will find something interesting in here since the most interesting part I can offer you is “culture exchange” and “culture experiences” of an Asian chick who lives in Europe.

A wise man travels to discover himself
— James Russell Lowell