Vero and What Is Going On Instagram Story, Facebook and Twitter?

If you have seen the screenshots of a new app called Vero on Instagram (IG) influencer story or Twitter, Facebook, you would wonder the same.


What is Vero and why I keep seeing it? 

I would call it a brilliant marketing move, why? They use Influencer marketing strategy; at the same time, they threw out the boom that after the First million users, they will charge the subscription fees which is claimed to promise No Ads [ around the prices of a few snacks for annual]. Combining these two strategies, they create a trend across Social Networks and it explains why you have been seeing it. ( It's marketing so obviously people are behind it, also because of that, sometimes it cannot be told that it occurs naturally or is done on purposes.)  

So Vero is an app which is similar to Facebook where you can control who can see your posts and in the combination of Instagram 'used to be' function that you will see every post of your followings in orders. By doing that, they cut out the ability to manipulate the audiences of the marketers, that's why it promises to create the True Social. 

Would it be a game changer?

Can't really answer that. First, let's sum up what are the highlights? 

Ads free: but in order to have that, users got to pay for it. It would be a challenge since the users already get used to that Social Networks are normally free. Great design: the design is actually well-developed and is focused on the user experience as it really highlights the content and the background works really well to emphase the image quality. All-rounded social network: Sharing, well-organization, messages, etc. 


So it has most of everything that a social network should have, there are new things but they are not the WOW one. However, there is one thing that could possibly actually change the game.  

The app focuses on its users as its main customers rather than advertisers

At this point, for content creators, it is a big win because as we know that Facebook and Instagram narrow down the exposure of the post to a certain number of its followers so not everyone could see every single post. There is a rumour that as by a few days ago, someone actually learned it and start sharing it to other content creators and they mentioned about switching into it or giving it a try.

My conclusion

I gave it a try and I'm enjoying it so far, if you are interested, you should give it a try as The first million Vero accounts will be free of charge for LIFE. It's just the beginning so it's hard to say whether it is a success or not, however, it has a good start with the interesting fact that many of us know about it through other SOCIAL NETWORKS and happens to 'wanna-switch' into it. Let's keep an eye on the next coming day to see how the game is gonna be. Possibly it could be the way that connects all the social networks instead of competing, who knows?.