Traveler and Stranger

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I’m back, suddenly I am writing these words and feel like I am really talking to you, but for sure, I don’t know if this blog is gonna be successful or not. However, my love is to share my feeling and my experiences which are ‘of course’.

Currently, I am looking forward to starting my internship and it is in BARCELONA, so amazing to me !!!! I have been there two years ago, and I do love the city and its culture in which I found a mix of Asian culture (why I feel like home) and European culture.   I do love travel and I meant it, haha I am seriously into it, so the first question my family and friends ask me is always “where are you now? which country are you in now?”. There was a time that I have to update my facebook status every month to say where I was, so they don’t need to ask me that. However, it also means that I might not see my family often as I travel a lot.

Anyway, what will be will be, so let talk about the present

I am studying 3rd semester now, and still, have one year left which means that I only have one year to live in Student life and enjoy it. Therefore, I decide to take every chance I have time to travel as a student. I love to travel as a backpacker or having a road trip with people I love, but it seems as an undoable option for me right now, since I don’t have friends that want to do that with me :(.

However, it also doesn’t mean that I cannot do it in the future.  So I tend to travel with my best friend who has so many things in common with me, we love to seek for cheap tickets to travel across countries, ask relatives or someone we might know for an overnight stay. Then we can go, explore the new place for nonstop 12 or 14 hours. We learn about how the culture in that country is, and narrowing down to the local, city or neighbourhood, how they behave, perceive their daily life. Comparing it with my own culture or the lifestyle I have adapted on the way which brings so many joys and knowledge. Isn’t it amazing? I mean to have someone who can understand you and feel everything you mean.

 To living abroad, is not only to learn or improve your knowledge for your future job but also to meet new people and being with them. “Them” here are the people who you meet in your uni, your works, your flat-share, or even on the streets but with the intention to keep them in your life.

 We don’t meet people as an accident, they were meant to cross our path for a reason
— Unknown

Therefore, If you are looking to improve your social skills or to learn, to be honest, to be good, then let stand up and put your phone down, open your mind and start wandering. Trust me! if you treat people in the way you want to receive and don’t think about getting back. There is a magic in here, you give someone, you will receive back something by the other and at the perfect time when you need it most.

Tell you my story, hehe I have a habit, cannot say it is bad or not. I like talking to strangers and in the way like we know each other long time. Well, not every stranger though, only those I feel comfortable with after spending a few minutes with them.  There was a girl, her name is Linda from France. A few months ago, I went to Amsterdam to apply for my German student visa, after that I went to the park, sat there and chilled then I was talking on the phone with my mom, noticing that there was a girl sitting behind me and she smiled whenever I looked at her, haha and somehow I felt that she wanted to talk. When I got off the phone, I looked at her and asked “hey!  do you mind if I ask are you here to travel?”, then she moved to sit next to me, then we talked for hours, it’s strange and I was amazed by that still.  So later then, I found out that it was her first solo trip to another country and from her, I learned about Couchsurfing, I noticed about the power of being able to travel freely, and she said she would definitely do it again whenever she had time to go.  

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