When it starts

oooo I didn’t thought it would be difficult to go through all the moments.

Tracking the timeline, matching all the photos, it’s difficult. Those times when I was lost, abandoned and then got supported, all the feelings just start to come back in. And that moment, I understand why some said we should just let the past goes by, don’t hold it back

hy I am doing this project?

I want to let you know, being in a new culture, new place is a freaking big challenge. It could be a great start then turning into hell, or it could be completely easy to just get in from beginning until the end. It’s different to different people. And for those who is new, hope this will help ❤️ I will start doing this, together with my blog.

Ow man, this gonna be hell difficult to go through the first few months of memories when I got here. 😅


January, 2013

Holland is cold and strange and wet, but bright.


The flight I got from Vietnam to here was the first flight I have ever had. Yes, never travelled anywhere before that by plane.

And it was a freaking experience I would say. Hongkong airport is so big and I had to hold my shits together to figure out where was my transit Gate 😅. Then after 12 hours flight, I saw a quiet land covered by snow when the plane was about to land.

And then going through the passport control area, I was hold to check my passport, gotta admit that was a big scary because these security guys were giants 🤣. But I did manage to stay okey tho.

Everything went good, I got in then met my aunt and uncle, they were worried for me. We got in the car, going to the house I would call home.

At the night, I was numbed, I didn’t know how did I manage to pull through all of that. And how could I stay so calm. My feelings were frozen because it’s way more than overwhelmed 🤭. And I cried that night ... because of missing someone ...


To be continued... By the way, people!! Show some supports, say something under comments, I need some couragement to go through all of these memories again 🤭❤️