Innsbruck for the first time

Surprise should not be a surprise if it is disclosed, right?. But if we don’t have ideas about how amazing it maybe or hear of it then we never give it a try.

I’m flying from the Netherlands, so as usual, I have signed up newsletter for several budget airline in Europe, and Transavia is one of them, I got email about their promotions with some destinations in Europe, so I saw Innsbruck on the list with around 60€ for a round trip, so I booked for me and my aunt.

Travelling with older family members like parents, aunt or uncle, I would say Innsbruck will an ideal place.



Great food with reasonable prices


Bacon or Cheese Dumbling soup

They make it with bread and bacon, it’s pretty good I would day, I had it on Hafelekar restaurant which the top of Nordkette mountain. There is nothing you can ask for more, great view, good food with reasonable price!! All-rounded!

Beef Goulash

This dish also can be seen a lot in Innsbruck as well, I had this one in Stiftskeller Restaurant, check this rest restaurant more like a beer garden, casual and open spaces, foods are well-presented.


Noodle soup with sausage



It’s fluffy yeast dough dumpling filled with spiced plum jam and served with melted butter or vanilla cream sauce instead. I found this one interesting and tasty.

Small city which means easy to walk around

I stayed in Europa Grand hotel which is next to the train station, just around 10′ away to the main centre where we have shopping, restaurants and Old Town area. My aunt loves it since she could just walk around and didn’t need to be worried about getting lost ( she doesn’t speak English).

Great Vibes city, and chilling atmosphere

I love how locals enjoy their life, it seems to be a perfect balance between work and personal life. Taking things slowly and enjoy it which makes me agree that Innsbruck is a perfect place for a holiday.

Nordkette, Hafelekar 

This place is a must-see. Well, there is two way to go there, there are 3 main stops to get to Hafelekar -the top of the mountain. If you are a budget traveller and love hiking or can hike, I recommend you hike up to Hungerburg at least, then take a cable car to Seegrube (where I had little hike on Seegrube, you should check them out as well, these trails are easy and around 15′ to 30′)  and then Hafelekar. If you do it this way, you can save a few bucks. 

The other way is buying 24h Innsbruck Card instead of buying the transportation tickets the whole way since the price is just similar around 35€ but with Innsbruck Card, you can travel mutiple time during within 24 hours, and there are a lot of benefits from it such as free City Sightseeing, etc.







I found this way is useful and easy to manage, I bought 48-hours Innsbruck Card

  • the First day I planned to explore the museum, Palace and the Swarovski Crystal World.
  • The second day, I spent whole day on Nordkette, enjoy the view and chillaxing 
  • The third day,  I walked around the city, tried some more locals food, and window shopping around.


  • On every Friday, the cable car to Hafelekar open until 11:30 instead of 5 pm so you can enjoy the city view at night!!!! How amazing is that!!
  • Since July, I don’t remember the exact time, most of attraction and museum will be open later (around 8 pm instead of 5 or 6 pm), you need to double check on this.

Alright! That’s all I have in mind right now, so wish you the best of luck and have a great time!