Unwind everything for a second

The more I grow up, the more experiences I have, I learn that everything is unknown. Things which is supposed to be true or happened, won’t be. The plans that are predicted will lose its own track somehow. It might sound bad but at the end it’s all up to which side we are looking at. 

Whoever is around you right now, might not be there with you next week or even next day, but real friends, and people who are meant to be in your life will be there or will find the way back to you.


Around 2 weeks ago, I flew to Barcelona to take a break and find some answers and it’s worth everything. I don’t know what happened to me since my senses become clear and time seems stop. I was walking but I wasn’t fully myself, I was them - “ people I was crossing on the streets, in the airport, some I talked to, some I just studied”. It sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?. It’s just simply strange.

I saw “lives” and a “me” in them. I feel everything about those people at those moments and I started to feel empathy and being drifted. Imagining it like a slow movie in which:

- A old lady was sitting under the sun, eating her delicious sandwich and suddenly a pigeon landed on her hand and stole a piece of bread. She laughed out loud alone.. and she looked up, saw me and gave me a lovely smile. I smiled back to her.  

 - A taxi driver, he drove me to the airport, we talked all the way. He gave me his snacks, he was eating it from a plastic bag, and he asked if I wanted some, in a comfortable way that like we know each other. I picked some and said thanks to him. We talked about life in Barcelona, and my life as a student in Europe and how good my english he complimented, also how lucky I was to be able to travel a lot. While his life was 6 working days per week, and only saw his family once a year. But what I admire here is his attitude, he knows he had enough, he complained about how difficult it was to work for “big fat employer” but he also show his gratitude to life. 

- A businesswoman who aked me if i was the line at the gate while boarding then she stood behind me, the way she reacted to me, i would say it was a bit off, because she talked to someone behind me but not me. Well, I like talking so, was a bit not happy haha. Anyway, she started worries about the flight was delayed and wasn’t given any specific  reasons. I had the flight updated info on my phone app so I talked to her. I told her how delayed the flight gonna be, we discussed about how not good the situation was. Then she asked me to watch her luggages so she could step up to ask the flight crew. Then we splited to seat down as it would be an other hour. Finally, they are boarding, i was in the line, she just came and talked to me, and somehow we managed to get her into the line while people were waiting behind =). Here! Everything gets interesting. I was walking to my seat, and apparently her seat was next to me!! 

It wasn’t the second time, I run into someone who would sit next to me during the flight, it was the third time. Yeh! I thought about how thing happens, how I kept running into people and all the coincidences happen after that. It creeps me out. 



SO these three people were stuck in my head for the whole day, and I think it should mean something. Then after writing it down and looking back, it does mean something and a message. 

- And there is one last person I saw on the way home. I  don’t know who she is, she was lying on the floor and was taken care of by the medics and some people and the policemen. She was bleeding and crying. And I was terrified. 

And that one thing which is always certain and we usually forget- Heath and Well-being, the whole world around could be collapsed as some bad news about our health or about our loved ones and it will be devastating. The next thing we can do is Pray and wish it's not true, and I would do anything to exchange for that. Some has been there would already understand how it is, talking about it here with a hope that it could be a small wake-up call or a slight reminder for us to live twice more the moment and care more. 

What lifestyle you choose to live, it actually doesn't matter if you will success in or not, what matter is how you think about it when you take a small break of the day and look over it. Sometimes we are too busy to chase what our mind was programmed to think, but we forget to consider "happy factors" we deserve. We can just have a small moment with the pigeon and a silly laugh, or a working class person who comes to work with a smile, have things to worry but not too stresses every day. Or we can be classy, talking knowledgeably and chasing the dream as businessmen. But we never know what might happen tomorrow that could possibly change our life upside down, and it could be an extreme threat or an absolute luck.

I hope we all can take a pause and live with fully, go chase your dream as you still can, and remember this you will always can as long as you want it, nothing can stop you. Just do it! there will be consequences, there will be "what if", there will be "I should not or should have done that". Just do it anyway, and for every decision, trust yourself and learn to forgive yourself sometimes.


It takes me two months to complete this entry and I hope it helps ...

(Drafted on 16/04/2018)