You do travel?

On the air, leaving this amazing place( Salzburg, Austria), thanks to this trip I found out more about how much I’m in love with mountain and nature.

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria

Talking about Travel, friends of mine and family know me as a crazy girl who never stops in one place for long period of time. Within 4 months, I have been back and forth 4 countries, lucky to get a chance to meet lots of amazing people. Let’s talk a bit serious here, it’s all about Self-awareness and self-development,  the more I go, the more I explore and learn. I learn by thinking out loud, and talk to people I meet along the way, I learn by telling my experiences to embrace and criticise it by comparing to your experiences.

Since I started, I just simply wanted to go and to let people know that I was some sort of famous places…. but then after that Paris trip, with my buddy- the nut girl- Trang, I formed my idea about how to travel. To explore and to connect- as how talkative I am you can guess . This is the 8th countries I have been in Europe, it’s not about the number but it still matters, it’s still something to be proud of, though.

I love to travel so much, love those experiences as much as I used to judge people about their travel “history” and their “judgement” if they don’t like to step out their “comfort zone” to go, and explore as me. Yeh, I used to be that person. But then I understand, we all have our own way to do what we love, we cannot judge if we are not that person. Travel also means to relax and enjoy a lovely time with our loved ones, without running madness around and talking to people.

I would do that someday soon in near future when I get enough of being on my own, exploring things I wish, and to witness by my own eyes alone. Thank if you have been reading this far… However, “a bit judgement” ( lol message actually) here, please if you are financially available and physically fit or fine with travelling transport means. You should GO, GO, man! Seriously! Just give it a try, ONE maybe, or twice for a while,  this world is full of amazing places, and wonderful people to be with, or to have just a small convo. You never know, it could change you forever … lol ofc for good way I meant. Forget about “the impossibilities” “the excuses” “the afraid of” “the difficulties”, they will be fine, all of them, when you take them easy 

To people I love, who still don’t know what you want to become, who you want to be with, where you might belong to, … Don’t be stressed, it’s totally normal, fine, … you are still young ofc, we are all young, ages just a number  take your time and enjoy every moment 

Love yaaaa!


Forget about the spelling or grammar mistakes there, I don’t bother to read it again  too lazy