The purpose of life which everyone was looking for...

Dear me,

I have visions in my head and i feel other people’s life with different perspectives. And what I’m gonna say about which I’m not even clear yet but gonna be a real life transition for me.

After the day making the decision of taking an exchange semester in Germany has to be most life change decision I have ever made. It’s like how all the events happen in my life were recorded by second in my head, I can recall every single moment and feelings with it.

Jay Jetty said there are three type of people you meet in your life: the season, the reason and the life time. I’m studying MBA right now, starting from 3 weeks ago, and the people I met including old and new people marking the time from 3 weeks ago, are those who has unintentionally taught me how to observe life and gives me different ideas of how to live it.


Let’s puzzle them together. Starting with Rik- my marketing professor - so this is his story, he is an entrepreneur, he is self-taught and started his own consultant company for a few year, and when it comes to new challenges, he applied for a job with really high position, he doesn’t actually have a Bachelor degree, yeh he doesn’t, but somehow he went through 3 interviews and found out he was one of the last candidates for the job, was so sure he was gonna get it, he managed to find an accommodation near the company, and was so ready to settle in for the job. BUT… they called him soon later, and said they couldn’t hire him because of the qualification, he doesn’t have a degree in hand. The guy felt so down, and the whole world was kind of collapse. He ran in the rain to the Gall and Gall ( an alcohol shop in Holland), and bought a bottle of Whiskey. Yeh this part sounds a bit too drama, even he said so, but it’s actually a real story. He drank the bottle of whiskey and he felt trap, he asked himself the question Why?. And that night, he couldn’t sleep. He made a crazy decision which is applying for an MBA without a bachelor degree. He reached out to a good old friend who is MBA professor in an university in the Netherlands, and asked him a favor that if he could manage to arrange an MBA admission interview for him. He got it and studied MBA at the age of 45, now he is teaching together with the professor who taught him MBA class.

=> give the impossible thing a chance even it’s certain, just try, you won’t lose anything.  And never too late to try anything or do anything, age is just a number. Remember that.

Thor is the second one I want to talk about. I know him for almost a year, we were on and off for quite few times during the year. And I always judged him that with his talents, he should have started something like a business or setting up like a big goal, why he just was doing freelance job and the rest just doing nothing. Hanging out with friends, family, it sounds so boring to me.

Until I watched this movie called “Valentie’s again”, Kat was a successful businesswoman, she was looking for her soulmate but apparently the person she thought was perfect wasn't even close to perfect. And turn out the guy she didn’t pay a little attention to, was the one she had to pursue and learned from him. Who is this guy? He was the flower delivery guy to her office for around 5 years and they never talked even he know about her a lot. The reason he didn’t talk to her was “she was like the other being blinded by those high life standards such as being well-paid and classy.”. Step by step, she was taught and started to realize how simple life could be. This guy was banking investor, and he gave it all up when his mom died so he just took over her flower shop and since then he just enjoyed the joys and reaction of ppl when they received the flowers. She managed to understand that value of life when she got a chance to do things he did daily.  

This movie makes me understand happiness is not that hard to get. It’s just simple thing. Like Thor, he spent time with his parents almost every week, he spoke highly of his brothers, he did his favorite things when he had free time. Now he is on a motobiking trip to UK with his father, i was jealous because I wish I could have created that much memories with my parents while I spent too much time on thing I thought I wantted. Oh man! This dude just know how to live his life!  I don’t know if i could manage to share these thoughts with him one day or it’s just the time that he has to leave my life as the reason Jay Shetty mentioned. Like He actually happened in my life to give me a reason to think in different way. Be simple and take things slow.  

And i know when I can be able to think in these ways, it’s just becoming clearer and more understandable how others act the way they act and who is the real game master here, who is actually doing the right thing while others thought they are stupid. 

Hallstatt 2.jpg


The other person is Jan, he is my accounting professor, this guy has that cool personality that I get so comfortable that I even called him “yo man, it’s you that messed the calculation up”. Yeh that’s how i talked to my professor. Oh man! I was even shocked by myself =))) but honestly I’m glad that I met him, because this kind of person I want to look up on, like chill, keep everything informal but friendly and cheerful. He also had his own stories, how people used to tell him that he couldn’t make it to university. AND reality is now he is invited to lecture in different well-known universities.

See! These types of stories and people even when you meet them, and know the stories and tell to your people, i bet only 50% would believe that. 

P/s: Sorry for the messy English, I just want to think out loud… If you may be interested in helping me out with editing, pleaseeee =)



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